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The Talk.Origins Archive: Exploring the Creation/Evolution Controversy

Evolution and Philosophy

Acknowledgements and Bibliography

Copyright © 1997

Some rights reserved
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.




Thanks to Peter Lamb, Tom Scharle, Loren Haarsma and Larry Moran for criticism, comments and suggestions on an earlier FAQ. This version has benefitted greatly from further comments and references from Peter Lamb, Chris Nedin, Richard Harter, Tom Scharle, John Stockwell, Gavin Wheeler, Mark Isaak, Sverker Johansson and James Franklin, not all of whom agree with me, I need hardly add.


This is intended to be a reading list. Introductory and review items are marked with an asterisk. The bibliographies in these will get you into the meat of the modern debate very quickly. Access to the journal Biology and Philosophy will help, too.

Axelrod, R: 1984. The Evolution of Cooperation, Basic Books.

*Berry, RJ: 1988. God and Evolution: Creation, Evolution and the Bible, Hodder and Stoughton.

By far the best discussion I know (from an orthodox Protestant perspective) of the development of creationism, its heretical nature, its antiscientific bent, and it includes a pretty good discussion of evolution, and the history of the science. Berry is a professor of genetics.

Bonner, JT: 1988. The Evolution of Complexity by Means of Natural Selection, Princeton University Press.

Bowler, PJ: 1983. The Eclipse of Darwinism: Antievolutionary Theories in the Decades Around 1900, Johns Hopkins.

Dawkins, R: 1976. The Selfish Gene, Oxford University Press, 2nd edn 1989.

Dawkins, R: 1995. River Out of Eden, Weidenfeld and Nicholson.

*Dawkins, R: 1996. Climbing Mount Improbable, Viking Press.

An excellent treatment of the 'orthodox' synthetic view of the evolution of adaptation.

Dawkins, R and Krebs, JR: 1979. Arms Races Within and Between Species. Proc. R Soc Lond B 205: 480-512.

Dennett, D: 1995. Darwin's Dangerous Idea: Evolution and the Meanings of Life, Allen Lane Press.

*Depew, DJ and Weber, BH: 1995. Darwinism Evolving: Systems Dynamics and the Genealogy of Natural Selection, Bradford Books/MIT Press.

A comprehensive history of Darwinism, philosophical and biological, and an introduction to the new systems dynamics and complexity theory views of evolution. The bibliography alone is worth the purchase.

Dray, WH: 1957. Laws and Explanation in History, Oxford University Press.

*Dray, WH, ed: 1966. Philosophical Analyisis and History, Harper and Row.

A collection of the seminal essays on the application of Hempel's nomological-deductive model to history, which, by extension, is also relevant to the historical sciences like evolution and geology.

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*Oldroyd, D: 1986. The Arch of Knowledge:An Introductory Study of the History of the Philosophy and Methodology of Science, Methuen.

This is a readable and comprehensive introduction to the issues of epistemology over the last 2500 years.

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*Panchen, AL: 1992. Classification, Evolution, and the Nature of Biology, Cambridge University Press.

In addition to reviewing the problems of cladistics, taxonomy and classification, important in the question of species and their evolution, this has an excellent short review of the history of recent philosophy of science, relevant to evolution.

Popper, K: 1974. The Logic of Scientific Discovery, 6th ed. London: Hutchinson.

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*Sober, E: 1984. The Nature of Selection: Evolutionary Theory in Philosophical Focus, Bradford Books/MIT Press.

The standard reference on the philosophical implications of natural selection.

Sober, E: 1988. Reconstructing the Past: Parsimony, Evolution, and Inference, Bradford Books/MIT Press.

*Sober, E, ed: 1994. Conceptual Issues in Evolutionary Biology, Cambridge University Press, 2nd edn.

An anthology of the most philosophically important papers on evolution, including many otherwise inaccessible ones.

Stamos, J: 1996. Popper, Falsifiability, and Evolutionary Biology. Biology and Philosophy 11: 161-191.

*Sterelny, K: 1995. Understanding Life: Recent Work in the Philosophy of Biology. Brit J Phil Sci 46: 155-183.

The title says it all, really. A first class introduction to the state of play.

Stove, D: 1995. Darwinian Fairytales, Avebury Press.

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Williams, GC: 1992. Natural Selection: Domains, Levels, and Challenges, Oxford University Press.



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