Debate between Richard Milton and Jim Foley

The following debate on the evidence for human evolution took place in a small email discussion group.

Jim Foley is the author of the Fossil Hominids pages at the web site.

Richard Milton is the author of Shattering the Myths of Darwinism (1997). (He is an anti-evolutionist rather than a creationist, but his arguments are similar to those of many creationists.)

Any further responses by Milton will be posted when received. It has been many months since he sent a reply, or even responded to email, so he may have given up. (Frankly, if I was getting thrashed as badly as he is, I'd probably give up too.)

P.S.: I've been informed that Milton abandoned the debate because he felt that "the same ground was being gone over again and again". Indeed; I found Milton's continual evasions when asked for references to back up his claims more than a little monotonous myself.

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