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The Talk.Origins Archive: Exploring the Creation/Evolution Controversy

Fossil Horses FAQs

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Fossil Horse Cybermuseum
A nicely illustrated non-technical introduction to horse evolution.
Othniel Charles Marsh's Proof
Learn about the person who first found the evidence for horse evolution.
Textbook Fraud: The Horse Series
This widely inaccurate creationist article claims that horse evolution is a fraud.
Horse Non-Sense!
Answers in Genesis tries to debunk horse evolution.
Evolution(?) of the Horse
Another creationist attack on horse evolution.
Simpson Rejected Horse Evolution?
The late paleontologist George Gaylord Simpson has been quoted by creationists as rejecting the evolution from Hyracotherium to modern horses. The creationists have quoted him out-of-context.

Horses are a common and instructive example of evolution recorded in the fossil record. Unfortunately many textbooks and popular accounts oversimplify the picture. Creationists have also made many false claims about horse evolution. Here are some articles of this Archive that address horse evolution.

Horse Evolution
This companion file to the Transitional Fossils FAQ summarizes what is known about horse evolution.
Is "Dawn Horse" a Hyrax?
Many creationists claim that Hyracotherium, the fossil animal traditionally called the first horse, is a type of hyrax, an animal living today in Africa and Asia. If true it would invalidate the mainstream view of horse evolution. It is, however, false.
Did Hyracotherium and Equus Live at the Same Time?
Some creationists claim that Hyracotherium and Equus, the taxon that includes modern horses and zebras, are found in the same geologic strata. This article follows the paper trail of this claim and finds that it is baseless.

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