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Cover Letter
from How Not to Respond to Criticism
Copyright © 1993-1997 by James Lippard

				Jim Lippard
				Department of Philosophy
				University of Arizona
				Tucson, AZ 85721

							May 18, 1993

To:	Australia:  Barry Price, Ian Plimer*, Barry Williams,
		Mark Plummer, Allan Lang, Ken Smith*,
		Tim O'Neill*, Robert Doolan
	Canada:  Rob Day*
	USA:  John Cole, Eugenie Scott, Robert Schadewald,
		Thomas Jukes, Stanley Weinberg, Tom McIver,
		Ronald Numbers, James McGaha, Barry Karr,
		Ron Harvey*, Ted Karren*, Mike Norton*, John Blanton*,
		Chris Stassen*

	* electronic communication

Enclosed is a copy of my response to the long, unpublished version
of Barry Price's "A Response to James Lippard" which was announced
in _Creation/Evolution_ issue 31, Winter 1992, p. 45.  Since no
further discussion on this subject is to appear in
_Creation/Evolution_, this response will not be published.  I am
therefore sending copies to various involved persons and
	I believe my response speaks for itself.  I welcome any
serious communications on the issues addressed in this article,
whether supportive or critical.


Jim Lippard

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