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I wish to thank the many people who have helped and supported me during the course of my Paluxy work. I especially want to express my gratitude to my friend Timothy Bartholomew, who accompanied me on my first Paluxy trip in 1980, and whose hard work and inquisitive spirit were invaluable in getting the project off to a running start; Alfred and Martha West, who provided generous hospitality and kindness during many Glen Rose visits, and helped me in more ways than I could say, and my friend and collegue Dr. Ronnie J. Hastings, who worked closely with me on many occassions, and whose enthusiasm and diligence has been unmatched.

I also want to extend my sincere gratitude to Dr. James O. Farlow, who has always been willing to share his paleontological knowledge and experience; Drs. Wann Langston, Kyle Davies, Joe Hannibal, Scott Argast, Martin Lockley, and Donald Baird, who also generously provided their professional expertise; Kurt Person, who proved to be a talented and tireless field assistant; John Armstrong, Gerhard Nickel, and others who lent their time and energy both in and out of the field; Drs. John Cole, Laurie Godrey, and Steve Shaffersman for their cooborative work and writings; Billy Paul Baker and the staff at Dinosaur Valley State park for their interest and cooperation in the project; Dr. Hasting's students and sons, who helped with field work on several occassions; Pam Stuchlak, without whose help I would never have finished the 1986 symposium papers in time; Steve Shadewald, Frank Lovell, Rick Neeley, Scott Faust, Paul Heinrich, Ian Plimer, George Westcott, and Michael Reddick, for their insights and helpful updates; writers and editors Paul Nelson, Dennis Wagner, Gregg Wilkerson, Art Strahler, Eugenie Scott, Karren Potter, Fred Edwards, and John Thomas, for their determination to learn and print the truth about the Paluxy evidence; Wilbur Fields, Paul Taylor, Berney Neufeld, and Robert Gentet for supplying photos or data regarding early Paluxy work; Novella Wilson for providing interesting first-hand historical information about Glen Rose; the late Ernest Booth for his inspiring letters and phone conversations; Mike O'Brian of Texas Parks and Wildlife, who has led recent GPS mapping and efforts to digitize, and expand Paluxy trackway data that I and others have gathered over the years; my mother, father, brother, sister, and other relatives and friends who proofread manuscript drafts and otherwise supported my efforts; including my wife, who was understanding of all the time I spent on the project, and who on a number of occassions rolled up her sleaves to work with me in the muddy riverbed. Many other people have also helped or encouraged my Paluxy work in one way or the other, and although it would be hard to list them all, you know who you are and I extend my sincere thanks.

Glen J. Kuban

May 2007
March 1996
Nov. 2004
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