Commentary by Brian Johnson
on the rumor that Glen Kuban destroyed a track

(C) 1998, Brian Johnson*

* Brian Johnson works as a technical artist and display curator at Bob Jones University. He is a creationist with a long time interest in the origins controversy.

I do not have time to give the response that I would like, but from the research that Glen, Ron Hastings, and I did at the Taylor site last summer [1997], I can say that Glen did not destroy any tracks. He, probably more than any one else in the world, has an interest in preserving and recording what is in the river bed. I saw no evidence of any human tracks during the three days that I was there.

I did discover two previously undocumented dino tracks at the upriver end of the IIS trail (the famous Taylor trail). Interestingly, there is a photo on the cover of Helfinstine and Roth" book called Texas Tracks and Artifacts by Don Patton of the IIS +6 track area. It is supposed to be a dino track (the real +6 track) next to a man track (formerly known as the +6 track). The "toes" of his "mantrack" is actually the HEEL OF MY DINO TRACK discovery (which is really part of the previously known F trail). On the photo you can see the three toes (tridactyl prints of the dinosaur) very easily!! And it is their best "proof" of dino/man co-existence! Yipes. (It is kind of cool, though, to see my dicovery on the cover of a book two years before I found it!)

Those tracks in the Paluxy are Glen's babies. To say that he would wreck one of them is preposterous! I know nothing about Don Patton, but this claim is unrealistic, unsupportable, and unkind. Mr. Patton owes Glen a published statement of apology. This sensationalism does not further the cause of Christ. It only hurts the credibility of creationists trying to do serious work.

I cannot devote more time now; but, I am utterly confident that Glen is innocent.

Brian Johnson, February 1998