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Recommended Further Reading on Paluxy Controversy
Glen J. Kuban

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Disclaimer: Although I recommend the following sources as informative and interesting sources for further reading, I do not necessarily endorse every statement in the sources written by other workers. Thank you.

Glen J. Kuban

The following sources provide good summaries of the Paluxy controversy and its history:

Hastings, R.J., 1988, The rise and fall of the Paluxy Mantracks: Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, v. 40, no. 3, p. 144-155.

Strahler, Arthur N. 1987. Chapter 48 Out-Of-Order Fossils. Science and Earth History-The Evolution/Creation Controversy. Prometheus Books, Buffalo, New York. pp. 459-472.

For further details on the Taylor Site "man tracks" (actually elongate, infilled metatarsal dinosaur tracks), see:

Kuban, G.J., 1989, Elongate dinosaur tracks, in Gillette, D.D., and Lockley, M.G., eds., Dinosaur Tracks and Traces: Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, p. 57-72.

Kuban, G.J., 1989, Color distinctions and other curious features of dinosaur tracks near Glen Rose, Texas, in Gillette, D.D., and Lockley, M.G., eds., Dinosaur Tracks and Traces: Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, p. 428-440.

For reviews on the partial backpeddling by John Morris (a former "man track" advocate), and clarifications on the infilling/ color-distinction phenomenon at the Taylor Site, see:

Kuban, G., 1986, Review of ICR Impact article 151: Origins Research, v. 9, no. 1, p. 10-15.

Hastings, Ronnie J. 1987c. New Observations on Paluxy Tracks Confirm Their Dinosaurian Origin. Journal of Geological Education. 35(1):4-15.

For analysis of Paluxy controversy by mainstream scientists

Cole, John R. and Laurie R. Godfrey (eds.). 1985. The Paluxy River Footprint Mystery -- Solved. Creation/Evolution. 5(1).

Cole, John R.. 1986a. Did Humans and Dinosaurs Live Together in Texas? - NO!. Origins Research. 8(2):6-7.

For chronlogical accounts of creationist activity in the Paluxy (1980's)

Hastings, Ronnie J. 1985. Tracking Those Incredible Creationists. Creation/Evolution. 5(1):5-15.

Hastings, Ronnie J. 1986. Tracking Those Incredible Creationists - The Trail Continues. Creation/Evolution. 6(1):19-27.

Hastings, Ronnie J. 1987a. Tracking Those Incredible Creationists - The Trail Goes On. Creation/Evolution. 7(2):30-42.

Hastings, Ronnie J. 1987b. Creationists' Tooth Claim Evolve Into a New "Fish Story. Creation/Evolution Newsletter. 7(5):18-21.

Glen J. Kuban

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