Revisions to Paluxy Web Site

06-20-96, GJK, Added More ichnology links (in separate file
06-11-96, GJK, Added Reference list compiled by Paul Henirich
05-16-96, GJK, Added AIG "What About Baugh?" page
03-28-96, GJK, Added Dinosaur Valley State Park article
03-25-96, GJK, Added Burdick track photo & other illustrations
03-21-96, GJK, Added Overview of Dinosaur Tracking article
03-13-96, GJK, Added Acknowledgements link & link
03-06-96, GJK, Added Counter and Taylor Site article
03-01-96, GJK, Added Burdick Print article; corrected typos
02-28-96, GJK, First Installed

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