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Claim CA006:

Evolution promotes eugenics.


DeWitt, David A. 2002. The dark side of evolution.


  1. Eugenics is based on genetic principles that are independent of evolution. It is just as compatible with creationism, and in fact at least one young-earth creationist (William J. Tinkle) advocated eugenics and selective human breeding (Numbers 1992, 222-223).

  2. Many eugenics arguments, such as the expected effect of selective sterilization and the results of interracial mating, are based on bad biology. Better biology education, including the teaching of evolution, can only counter the assumptions on which eugenics is based.


Wilkins, John. 2000. Evolutionists against eugenics; Post of the month: November 2000.


  1. Numbers, Ronald L. 1992. The Creationists. New York: Knopf.

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