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Claim CA010:

Homosexuality is considered acceptable and even desirable by most evolutionists, who point out that homosexuality is common in many species.


Morris, Henry M. 2000. Evil-ution. Back to Genesis 140 (Aug.): a-c.


  1. The acceptance of homosexuality has nothing to do with evolution. It comes from the recognition that homosexuals, like all people, deserve real love, not just lip service about love. Evolutionists (and other non-fundamentalists), including many people who believe the Bible just as much as Creationists do, are not constrained by the narrow interpretations of the people in certain rigid religions, which are the only sources why homosexuality might be considered immoral.

    Contrary to Morris' assertion, evolutionists don't consider homosexuality desirable.

  2. The pervasiveness of homosexuality throughout nature shows, beyond question, that homosexuality is natural (Bagemihl 1998), belying the only non-religious justification for hatred of homosexuality.

  3. The Biblical objection to homosexuality is hypocritical, because those who condemn it do not condemn just as vigorously other prohibited behaviors such as wearing clothing made of two kinds of material (Lev. 19: 19), trimming or shaving sideburns (Lev. 19: 27), getting tattoos (Lev. 19: 28), and charging interest (Deut. 23: 19-20). People who condemn homosexuality do so not because the Bible tells them to, but, ultimately, because they want to. People who condemn others should first examine the morality of their own judgments.


  1. Bagemihl, Bruce. 1998. Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity. New York: St. Martin Press.

Further Reading:

Judson, Olivia. 2002. Dr. Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation, New York: Metropolitan Books.
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