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Claim CA110:

Evolution is a theory in crisis; it will soon be widely rejected.


See Morton 2002a, below.


  1. Evolution is one of the most strongly supported theories in all of science. It is nowhere near a theory in crisis.

  2. This claim has been made constantly since even before Darwin. In all that time, the theory of evolution has only gotten stronger. Prior to the development of evolutionary theory, almost 100 percent of relevant scientists were creationists. Now the number is far less than 1 percent. The numbers continue to drop as the body of evidence supporting evolutionary theory continues to build. Thus, claims of scientists abandoning evolution theory for creationism are untrue.

  3. This claim directly contradicts another common claim, that evolution cannot be falsified.


Morton, G. R. 2002a. The imminent demise of evolution: The longest running falsehood in creationism,

Morton, G. R. 2002b. Morton's Demon (Post of the month, Feb. 2002).
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