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Claim CA221:

(In response to any claim about the history of life) Were you there?


Ham, Ken. 1989. Were you there? Back To Genesis 10a (Oct.),


  1. Yes, because "there" is here. Events in the past leave traces that last into the present, and we can and do look at that evidence today.

  2. If this response were a valid challenge to evolution, it would equally invalidate creationism and Christianity, since they are based on events that nobody alive today has witnessed.

  3. A more useful and more general question is, "How do you know?" If the person making a claim can not answer that question, you may consider the claim baseless (tentatively, as someone else may be able to answer). If the answer is subjective -- for example, if it rests on the person's religious convictions -- you know that the claim does not necessarily apply to anyone but that person. If you can not understand the answer, you probably have some studying to do. If you get a good answer, you know to take the claim seriously.

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