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Claim CA320:

Scientists are pressured not to challenge the established dogma.


Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. 1985. Life--How Did It Get Here? Brooklyn, NY, p. 182.


  1. The pressures that science imposes do not weaken the validity of evolution -- quite the contrary. Scientists are rewarded more for finding new things, not for supporting established principles. Thus, they tend to look more for novelties and for results that would overturn common beliefs. If a scientist found evidence that falsified evolution, he or she would be guaranteed world prestige and fame.

  2. Creationists are under far more pressure than scientists. Since their entire world view is threatened by finding disconfirming evidence, they are very highly motivated not to admit it. Many creationists have taken oaths saying that no evidence could change their dogma (AIG n.d.). At least one admits that he became a scientist not to find the truth, but to destroy Darwinism (Wells n.d.). The commitment to established dogma is pretty well monopolized by creationists.


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  2. Wells, Jonathan. n.d. Darwinism: Why I went for a second Ph.D. See also: Anonymous. n.d. Dr. Jonathan Wells Returns to UTS.

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