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Claim CA602.2:

The goal of many scientists, especially evolutionists and cosmologists, is to explain the universe without God. They want to make God unnecessary.


Morris, Henry M. 2003. The bounds of the dominion mandate. Back To Genesis 175 (July), b.


  1. The goal of scientists is to explain the universe, period. If that could best be done by including God in the equations, it would be. However, God is inscrutable, even according to creationists, so God is useless as an explanation.

  2. Explaining things without God does not make God unnecessary. Many people believe that God is necessary in their personal lives, regardless of his scientific implications. Morris's claim, in contrast, implies that God has no value as a personal God.

  3. Many scientists are firmly committed to God. Many interpret their findings as glorifying God (Campagna 2002; Livingstone 1984).


  1. Campagna, Tony. 2002. Bob Bakker on creationism.
  2. Livingstone, D. N. 1984. (see below)

Further Reading:

Livingstone, David N. 1984. Darwin's Forgotten Defenders: The Encounter Between Evangelical Theology and Evolutionary Thought. Vancouver, BC: Regent College Publishing.
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