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Claim CB035:

In Miller's experiment demonstrating the formation of complex organics from simple compounds, the atmospheric composition used was a reducing atmosphere, with no free oxygen. The early earth probably had a more oxidizing atmosphere.


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  1. Since his first experiment, Miller and others have experimented with other atmospheric compositions, too (Chang et al. 1983; Miller 1987; Schlesinger and Miller 1983; Stribling and Miller 1987). Complex organic molecules form under a wide range of prebiotic conditions.

  2. It is possible that life arose well away from the atmosphere -- for example, around deep-sea hydrothermal vents. This could make the atmospheric content largely irrelevant.

  3. The early atmosphere, even if it was oxidizing, was nowhere near as oxidizing as it is today. It was likely high in hydrogen, which facilitates the formation of organic molecules (Tian et al. 2005).


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