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Claim CB370:

The body releases endorphins at death, making dying less traumatic. Evolution cannot explain this, because there is no selection pressure for a biological mechanism to help people die peacefully. But it does show evidence of a merciful creator.


Easterbrook, Gregg, 9 Dec. 2003. NFL teams should hire psychics, and why, why, why are you punting?!


  1. Endorphin levels are elevated even by relatively minor trauma. Alleviating the pain and stress of a person who has suffered a trauma can keep them functional enough to take life-saving actions, such as staunching the bleeding or seeking help. That endorphins are released also during fatal trauma is a side effect.

  2. Release of endorphins during trauma is not entirely merciful. If the person survives the trauma, the withdrawal from the endorphins can produce emotional distress that can contribute to post-traumatic stress disorder or alcohol addiction (Volpicelli et al. 1999).


  1. Volpicelli, J., G. Balaraman, J. Hahn, H. Wallace and D. Bux, 1999. The role of uncontrollable trauma in the development of PTSD and alcohol addiction. Alcohol Research and Health 23(4): 256-262.

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