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Claim CD240:

Experiments in a water tank showed that sedimentary layers can be laid down very quickly in patterns that violate the geological principles of superposition (that layers are deposited horizontally with younger ones on top) and continuity (that each layer has the same age at every point). In particular, lamination is sometimes the result of segregation of particles according to size, not the result of successive layering; lamination deposits can be produced on slopes.


Berthault, Guy. 2000. Experiments in stratification. Impact 328 (Oct.).
Snelling, Andrew, 1997. Sedimentation experiments: Nature finally catches up! Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal 11(2):125-126.


  1. Berthault's results do not invalidate the principle of superposition. Newer layers still appear on top of older layers. Berthault's results duplicated a case where the layers are not laid down horizontally, but the principle of superposition does not require horizontal depositional surfaces. Berthault erred in confusing the principle of superposition with the principle of original horizontality, which was already known to have limited application. Berthault's experiments only duplicated results that were familiar to sedimentologists decades earlier. There is nothing of significance in his work.


Henke, Kevin R., n.d. Berthault's "stratigraphy": Rediscovering what geologists already know and strawperson misrepresentations of modern applications of Steno's principles. . See also Berthault, Guy, 2003. Guy Berthault's response to Kevin Henke's article. . See also Henke, Kevin R., 2004. Some Questions for Dr. Berthault.
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