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Claim CD510:

Rocks do not fold without breaking. Therefore, folded rocks (found in many places) must have been soft when folded. This is easily explained by mountain building taking place soon after the sedimentary layers were deposited by a global flood.


Humphreys, D. Russell, 1999. Evidence for a young world. or


  1. Rocks do fold without breaking when bent very slowly under pressure. Laboratory experiments demonstrate as much (e.g., Friedman et al. 1980). Increased temperature can also increase the flow rate.

    Some rocks ("weak" ones) flow more easily than others ("competent" ones). Layers of different rocks will sometimes have broken rocks in some layers and not others.

  2. Deformation is not limited to sedimentary layers. There are deformed quartzite pebbles near Death Valley.


  1. Friedman, M., R. H. H. Hugman III and J. Handin, 1980. Experimental folding of rocks under confining pressure, part VIII -- forced folding of unconsolidated sand and of lubricated layers of limestone and sandstone. Geological Society of America Bulletin 91: 307-312.

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