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Claim CH030:

God is all-good. Therefore, we should all worship and follow Him.


  1. This claim is not an argument for creationism or against evolution. Evolution is entirely compatible with a good God.

  2. God's omnibenevolence usually goes along with claims that He is all-knowing and all-powerful. But the three qualities are not compatible with the observation that there is suffering in the world.

  3. The same God that people consider all-good is credited with creating hell and banishing there all souls who do not accept Him. Allowing anyone to suffer ultimate torment for all eternity--particularly when it is within your power to prevent it--is arguably the greatest form of evil possible. The only point to causing pain and suffering with no chance of redemption is petty cruelty.

    Forcing someone to suffer for not returning your love is cruel, spiteful and petty. Society considers such behavior evil enough to enact laws to prevent it.

    Causing one person to suffer for eternity (even for a truly heinous crime) is bad enough. Causing billions of people to suffer for eternity (especially when most are guilty of nothing more than never having been taught the "true" religion) can only be considered vastly more sick, depraved and evil.

  4. The Bible itself says God created evil ("I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things."--Isa. 45:7). Genesis 2 says the tree of knowledge of good and evil existed in Eden before Adam and Eve interacted with it, implying that evil existed from the beginning. And God pronounced it good.

Further Reading:

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