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Claim CH055:

People who call themselves Christians but who do not accept creationism, such as theistic evolutionists, are seriously misguided. The same applies even to those who reject a particular interpretation of creationism, such as young-earth creationism. The Bible does not allow such compromises.


Morris, Henry M. 1984. Recent creation is a vital doctrine. Impact 132 (June).
Sarfati, Jonathan, 2004. Refuting Compromise. Green Forest, AR: Master Books.


  1. Those who disparage the Christianity of Christian theistic evolutionists (many creationists deny that theistic evolutionists can even be Christian) show only their own arrogance and hubris. The claimants are saying that they, not God, get to dictate the proper way for another person to relate to God and the Bible. A religious relationship with God is a personal matter; it cannot effectively be decided by total strangers.

  2. Many creationists are themselves compromisers. They compromise on major factual matters, rejecting the flat earth and solid firmament that a plain literal reading indicates. They compromise on details -- for example, allowing insects and other "creeping things with the breath of life" not to be on Noah's ark as the Bible says. They compromise on biblical teachings, such as the numerous dietary and other laws in Exodus through Deuteronomy. Most of all, they compromise on Christian theology, rejecting the spirit of Christ's teaching to be humble in one's religion (e.g., Matt. 6:1-6).

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