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Claim CH100.1:

All scientific observations must be interpreted in light of Scripture.


Morris, John D. 1996. ICR, for such a time as this. Back to Genesis 87a (Mar.).


  1. Evolution is already compatible with Scripture, according to many religions (NCSE n.d.).

  2. Interpreting science according to Scripture would require that all scientists and science instructors have extensive theology training. It would further require that they all agree on the proper biblical exegesis. Creationists may find these requirements not only excessive, but also dangerous, since the interpretation of Scripture which the scientists come to accept could easily disagree with their own.


NCSE. n.d. Voices for evolution.


  1. NCSE. n.d. (see above)

Further Reading:

Alters, B. J. and S. M. Alters. 2001. Defending Evolution. Boston: Jones and Bartlett, pp. 74-81.
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