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Claim CH103:

The Bible is special because it is inspired; its writers claim that their thoughts came from God.


Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, 1989. The Bible - God's Word or Man's? Brooklyn, NY, p. 10.


  1. Other works claiming divine inspiration include the Qur'an, Mahabharata, and The Book of Mormon. Many traditions of North American Indians claim to be divinely inspired (Vecsey 1991). Some contemporary New Age books claim divine inspiration, such as The Urantia Book and Talking with Angels: A Document from Hungary.

  2. Claiming divine inspiration does not mean having it. I could easily claim divine inspiration even for this web page.

  3. Even if the Bible is divinely inspired, one's interpretation of it can still be entirely wrong. The Bible has been invoked to justify burning innocent young women (supposedly witches), maintaining slavery, and other atrocities. Divine inspiration, even if true, is no reason to accept ideas that someone gets from the Bible.


  1. Vecsey, Christopher, 1991. Imagine Ourselves Richly. San Francisco: HarperCollins.

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