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Claim CH320:

Before sin entered the world, there were no net deteriorating effects of the second law of thermodynamics. The decay that we see today, including organisms such as fungi, predators, and parasites, is a result of Adam's sin.


Morris, Henry and Martin Clark, 1987. Why did God create carnivorous animals if there was to be no death in the world as first created? - FAQ #46. From The Bible Has the Answer, 3rd Ed. Master Books.


  1. Parasites have advanced derived features, which are necessary for them to survive as parasites. The same is true of fungi, predators, and other supposedly "deteriorated" organisms. Even the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) recognizes that features such as thorns, fangs, and poisons evolved after the Fall. The evolution of features such as thorns and poisons where there were none before is not a deterioration of the organisms that get them.

  2. The record of life on earth shows advancement, not deterioration. The earliest records show only bacteria. This was followed in the late Precambrian by primitive multicellular organisms, then animals with hard parts, then land animals, and so forth. The largest plants and animals that ever lived are living today. We know of no other time when biodiversity was greater than in historic times. A few mass extinctions have occurred, but these provided fresh starts for new forms of life to evolve.

  3. The amount of evolution that the ICR attributes to "deterioration" would certainly be regarded as macroevolution by any rational standard. The evolution of a death-based ecology after the Fall would be almost as big a change as the original creation.

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