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Claim CH504.1:

In 1876, English explorer James Bryce found a four-foot long hand-tooled piece of wood on Ararat at the 13,000 feet level.


LaHaye, Tim and John Morris, 1976. The Ark on Ararat, Nashville: Thomas Nelson Inc. and Creation Life Publishers, pp. 51-55.


  1. The wood Bryce found may well be from a source other than the Ark. Wood has repeatedly been carried up Ararat in historical times [Bailey 1989, 105].
    Bryce himself wrote, "I am, however, bound to admit that another explanation of the presence of this piece of timber . . . did occur to me. But as no man is bound to discredit his own relic, . . . I will not disturb my readers' minds, or yield to the rationalizing tendencies of the age by suggesting it." [quoted in Bailey 1989, 84].


  1. Bailey, Lloyd, 1989. Noah: The Person and the Story in History and Tradition. Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press.

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