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Claim CH505.3:

John Joseph, Prince of Nouri, Grand-Archdeacon of Babylon, and so on, found the ark high on Ararat on his third (or eighth, by some accounts) attempt. He made detailed measurements, which coincided exactly with the measurements in the Bible.


LaHaye, Tim and John Morris, 1976. The Ark on Ararat, Nashville: Thomas Nelson Inc. and Creation Life Publishers, pp. 64-67.


  1. John Joseph is not a credible source. His exalted titles could not be verified. After a bishop refused him ordination, he continued for ten years to claim that he was on his way to the ordination service. He alternately claimed that he had and did not have financial backing to relocate the ark. He was unable to convince friends of his claims. He may once have been a mental patient in California (Bailey 1989, 85-86).

  2. His description of the ark conflicts with other accounts. And the measurements could not be called an exact match because nobody knows how large the biblical cubit was.


  1. Bailey, Lloyd, 1989. Noah: The Person and the Story in History and Tradition. Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press.

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