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Claim CH542:

All existing kinds of plants could have survived Noah's Flood.


Woodmorappe, John, 1996. Noah's Ark: A Feasibility Study. Santee, CA: Institute for Creation Research, pp. 153-162.


  1. Not all plants could survive the Flood for some of the following reasons:
  2. The Flood was an ecological catastrophe. Creationists credit it with eroding and redepositing sediments miles thick, raising mountains, carving immense canyons, and even repositioning continents. This alone would doom many plants to extinction, even if they or their seeds survived the Flood, for some of the following reasons:
    Woodmorappe (throughout his book, not just regarding plants) made two fundamental errors:
    1. He noted that "many" could survive the flood conditions, disregarding the significant number that could not, but that are alive anyway.
    2. He assumed that plants and animals could live in isolation, ignoring that life lives in, and depends upon, ecologies. Simply preserving plants and animals would keep them alive for a very short time. Noah would have had to rebuild many entire ecologies to maintain the life we see today.

  3. Evolution predicts the geographical distribution of plant kinds that we observe, with many species occurring on one continent and not others. Flood geology predicts that this pattern would not occur. Flood theory fails.


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