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Claim CH561.4:

The order of fossils deposited by Noah's Flood can be explained by a combination of hydrologic sorting, differential escape, and ecological zonation.


Morris, Henry M., 1974. Scientific Creationism, Green Forest, AR: Master Books, pp. 118-120.


  1. Even this combination of forces fails to explain many aspects of the sorting of fossils. In particular, the problems with ecological zonation are not significantly mitigated by the other two sorting methods.

  2. Conventional geology explains the geological record, including its fossils, mineral content, geomagnetism, and radioisotopes. It does so in great detail and with great consistency in many, many places. Flood geology does not give a detailed explanation anywhere; what little explanation it offers is extremely vague hand waving, inconsistent with observations.

  3. The geological record contains more than biological fossils. Sediment patterns also record planetary rhythms from which we can determine the length of the day and long-term changes in climate. From these, we find that the geological record shows that the moon is slowing consistent with tidal friction (see also Sonett et al. 1996) and climate changes often follow the Milankovitch cycles (Krumenaker 1995). These "fossils" depend only on astronomical forces; they could not be explained by the Flood.

  4. There are innumerable other observations that contradict a global flood (Isaak 1998).


Isaak, Mark, 1998. Problems with a global flood, 2nd edition.

Morton, Glenn, 2001. The geologic column and its implications for the flood. or


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