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Claim CJ001:

Modern humans have lived on earth for billions of years.


Cremo, Michael and Richard Thompson, 1993. Forbidden Archaeology: The hidden history of the human race. Los Angeles: Bhaktivedanta.


  1. Cremo and Thompson supported their claim with Vedic scripture. They claimed scientific support for it, but the science they cite is old and discredited.

  2. More seriously, Cremo and Thompson were selective in what they cited. The vast majority of evidence shows that hominids have developed more or less gradually over the past 6 or more million years, and that modern humans are much younger (Tattersall 1995).


Foley, Jim, 1996. NBC's "The Mysterious Origins of Man"

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  1. Tattersall, Ian, 1995. The Fossil Trail. Oxford University Press.

Further Reading:

Brass, Michael, 2002. The Antiquity of Man: Artifactual, fossil, and gene records explored, Baltimore: Publish America.
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