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The Talk.Origins Archive: Exploring the Creation/Evolution Controversy

Request For FAQs (RFF)

While the Talk.Origins Archive already has a slew of FAQs, there are many issues that come up regularly or occasionally which aren't adequately addressed by the existing set of articles and essays. So, the archive maintains this Request for FAQs list, which describes topics for wanted articles. People wishing to write FAQs may peruse the RFF list below and see if their knowledge or expertise matches any of the listed topics -- or any other issue relevant to the evolution/creationism debate that isn't covered on the archive. If so, by all means, check the submission guidelines and start pounding away at the keyboard.

The global flood:

Hydrological sorting as an explanation for the fossil record
Ecological zonation as an explanation for the fossil record
Differential mobility as an explanation for the fossil record
Fine-grained fossil sorting by subtle details
Architectural analysis: Could the Ark have been made seaworthy?
Lack of evidence of pre-flood human civilizations
Lack of evidence for global flood in ancient historical records
Rapid deposition of layered sediments (Mt. St. Helens, for example)
Source of the flood: Subterranean reservoirs
Source of the flood: Runaway subduction
Source of the flood: Comet impact
Where did the flood waters go?
Fragile/soluble items preserved in supposedly flood-deposited strata
Non-sedimentary rocks in supposedly flood-deposited strata
Glacial evidence in supposedly flood-deposited strata
Volcanic and impact bolide evidence in supposedly flood-deposited strata
Large local floods (e.g., Channeled Scablands)
Fossil horizons/extinction events
Paleosols and hardgrounds
The fall of the deluge as a scientific theory

Age of the earth/universe:

Spiral galaxy formation/density waves
Comets and the Oort Cloud/Kuiper Belt
The population growth argument (*)
Tidal rhythmites
Coral reef growth rates/coral clocks
Varves as a dating technique
Correlations of different dating methods
Values of the Hubble constant
Radiocarbon dating
Radioactive dating 'anomalies'
Tidally locked astronomical systems
The Oklo reactor
White dwarf cooling rates
Ice core dating (article needs updating)
Concordia/discordia dating

General cosmology, astronomy and physics:

Evidence for the Big Bang
Constancy of physical constants/change in alpha
Origin of the Earth/solar system
Origin of the Moon
The anthropic principle
Stellar evolution and classification
Galactic evolution and classification
Dark matter
Dark energy/quintessence
Large-scale structure of the universe
Quantized redshifts
Halton Arp's anomalous redshifts
The ultimate fate of the universe
Supernova 1987A
Thermodynamics: What entropy really is
Thermodynamics: The difference between closed and open systems
Thermodynamics: The identification of entropy as 'disorder' in pop science books
Thermodynamics: Is intelligence or an 'informational code' necessary to 'overcome' the 2LoT and produce order?
Thermodynamics: What specific step in evolution violates the 2LoT?
Thermodynamics: The 2LoT and information theory

The real debates in evolution:

Punctuated equilibrium/common misconceptions
The origin of sex
Evolutionary psychology
How important are neutral mutations?
Haldane's dilemma
Evolution of language
Evolution of intelligence in humans

General geology and paleontology:

Plate tectonics/continental drift
Ice Ages
Snowball Earth
The geologic time scale
Major and minor extinctions (*)
Taphonomy (*)
Stratigraphic succession (*)
What caused the extinction of the dinosaurs?
'Out of place' fossils
Non-vertebrate animal transitional fossils
Plant transitional fossils
Specific in-depth coverage of any transitional series


The philosophy of science/scientific method (*)
Methodological vs. metaphysical naturalism (*)


Ancient Christians who accept evolution and an old earth
Modern Christians who accept evolution and an old earth
Symbolic views of Genesis
Creationism and racism (Hamitic hypothesis)
The flat-earth and geocentrist movements
Omphalos/the 'appearance of age' argument

Genetics/molecular biology/chemistry:

Shared pseudogenes between humans and other primates
Degrees of genetic similarity between humans and other primates
Chromosomal homology between humans and other primates
A comprehensive list of beneficial mutations
Information-increasing mutations
The RNA World
Molecular phylogeny

General evolution:

Ways to falsify evolution
Fluctuating selection vs. sustained long-term selection
Ring species
The evolution of dog breeds
Evolution of other domesticated animals
Whale evolution from artiodactyls (article needs updating)
Feathered dinosaurs
Peppered moths as a case study in evolution
Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny: disproved
Vestigial structures and atavisms
Comparative anatomy and homology
"Living fossils"
Evolution of the flagellum
Evolution of any complex structure
The Cambrian explosion (*)
Developmental biology (evo-devo)
Is Homo erectus just a modern human?


Information theory: Shannon vs. Kolmogorov-Chaitin
The young-earth chronology: Bishop Ussher's timescale
Richard Dawkins' "Methinks it is like a weasel" program (*)
Biographies of prominent figures in the evolution-creationism debate
Creationist responses to terrorism
The Scopes Trial (*)
Creationist demographics
Creationist political/school-board activity
The Santorum Amendment
Local pro-science advocacy organizations

Book reviews:

Dean Kenyon's Of Pandas and People
Phillip Johnson's Darwin on Trial
Hugh Ross's The Creator and the Cosmos
Walter ReMine's The Biotic Message
Any other major creationist/ID work

(*) A yellow box next to a listing means that someone has already expressed interest in writing a FAQ on that topic.

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