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Feedback Archive for 1998

January 1998
Speciation questions. Zechariah Sitchin. Science or atheism. Evolution and Genesis. The value of pseudogenes. Where to get "Darwin fish." Purpose of the archive yet again. A dent in Lady Hope. Keeping creation "science" out of public schools. Stars, eyes, and The Bible Code. Life on other planets? Colin Patterson's words in full context.

February 1998
Evolution/abiogenesis confusion. Meaning of "macroevolution." In Search Of reasons for teaching creationism. Probability of evolution. Science contributing to morals? Races and evolution. Was Linnaeus the "type specimen" for Homo sapiens? Moths. Order and the creation of life. Moral implications of gravitation? Racism and the mitochondrial Eve. Darwin's degree. Questions cribbed from Walter Brown's web site. The fate of the "Post of the Month."

March 1998
Origin of symbiosis. Water vapor and the Flood. Light propagation in the Sun. Creationism via RealAudio. The Little Grand Canyon. Sagan on the odds of evolution. Another misread of the Flat Earth Society FAQ. Hovind has the answers. Moon dust generation. Are your eyes deceiving you? FAQ reprinting/redistribution. A day-age theorist visits. Age of Earth info. Dynamic time (a la c-decay). Historical sciences vs. written history.

April 1998
Noah's Ark and the eye. Evolutionist fervor and the fear of being wrong. A young rock and an old Earth. Age of the universe in the Torah. Chance and human development. Moon formed 65 million years ago? Interpreting Genesis with evolution in mind. Whose fault is the Archive? Evolution in eleven dimensions. Definitions of evolution. Why are there still monkeys?

May 1998
The claims of Bert Thompson. Light and the age of the universe. Intelligent design v. abiogenesis. The one-sided Archive. El Nino and Earth's rotation. Dinosaur tracks and the global flood. Why study the past? Social Darwinism. Darwin's finches and the Cambrian explosion. Punctuated equilibrium - falsifiable? Behe and Johnson. The Second Law of Thermodynamics. Chicken teeth. Evolution and morality. The epiglottis. Edward Blyth and John Langdon-Brooks - critiquing Darwin's Precursors. Human evolution and probability. Moving goalposts and qualifications.

June 1998
Special creation. Omnipotent intelligent designers. More on and by Bert Thompson. Evolution implies no God. Self-replicating lumber, light bulbs, and the Oklo reactor. Hugh Ross's claims about whales. Ark problems. Lady Hope redux. Conserving angular momentum. What is a "troll"? Contributions to the Archive. Transitional fossils. The "March of Progress" graphic. People in permafrost. Strategies of creationism. Stanley Miller's work. Dating the Hualalei lava flows. Joshua's "lost day." Evolution, the Pyramids, and the Taj Mahal. Big Bang cosmology. Debating evolutionists. DNA extraction. The Firing Line debate. Gary Nelson and cladism: a creationist? Darwin and fossil hominids.

July 1998
Lady Hope, Darwin, and Wallace. Caudipteryx and Protarchaeopteryx. Updating the Biographica. Science revealing God. Why "cretinism"? Christianity and creationism. England and the angels. Human and chimpanzee DNA. Why sex feels good. Why are monkeys here? Disproving the Big Bang. The "Mysterious Origins of Man." Molecular fossils. Closed minds and the Second Law. Problems with cosmology and fundamental constants. Book recommendations. Why tongues? Raising mountains quickly. The creative power of God.

August 1998
Why not geocentrism? Evolutionary modes. Australopithecus and erectus overlaps. Posting to via email. Pouncing on Gish. Abuse of the weak. Gradual evolution. "Stacking" the responses. Denton and the "take it or leave it" Bible. The deceptive "Post of the Month." Slamming Christianity. Misrepresenting the creationist's Second Law. Chain of creaters. "Theory" v. "hypothesis." Evolution education. Sharing genes. Existence of atoms. What to read first. Variation v. speciation. Supported slabs and design. Homeschooling.

September 1998
Racism ad hominems. Scientific process and debating. Babinski's Biblical literalism. How to convince creationists. Why "dark matter"? Critiques of Behe and Johnson. Second Law and extinction. Raptors. Changing the color scheme. Accreditation of the ICR. Frozen hydrogen canopy. The Desiderata. Dating the geologic column. Critiquing the evolution consensus. Bartelt's ICR visit. Debate pointers. The FABNAQ. Bat evolution. Behe, vision, and blood clotting. Hovind's $10,000 challenge. Science is hard. Sharing genes II. The "burn in hell" argument.

October 1998
Evolutionary conjectures and dog breeding. Facts vs theories. Irreducible complexity. Chance. Dembski's information theory. The Pope. The Blob. Non-isotopic minimum ages. Hovind's list of questions. Flood myths. The meaning of the "Darwin Fish." Carbon dating. Feedback edting. Feathers. Swedish creationists. Hindu Creationists. The Vapor Canopy.

November 1998
Lady Hope. Lemmings. Moths. Jury-rigged design. Creationism in schools. Spontaneity. Chromosome number changes. The Vapor Canopy again. Mail-bombing threat. "Mainstream." First Law of Thermodynamics. Dogma. Bonobos.

December 1998
Evolution of sexual reproduction. Hovind. Scripture quotes. Facts vs Theories. Cell types. Transitional forms. "Kindly" debate. Liquid center. Ring species. Altruism. Thermodynamics. A teacher speaks. Abiogenesis. Watchtower anti-evolutionism. Punctuated equilibrium. Phony degrees. Biblical literacy and free will. Pandas and web searches. Yahoo mis-lists us. Chance.
Thanks to Chris Stassen and Kenneth Fair for providing the feedback summaries above.

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