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The Talk.Origins Archive: Exploring the Creation/Evolution Controversy

Feedback Archive for 2002

January 2002
George Smith's tablet. Das Kapital dedication. A link gets subverted. Ken Ham's Flood evidence. Jonathan Wells and development. Making fossil evidence. When in evolution did man obtain a soul? Law of conservation of information. Rapid formation of a species. Complaint of bias. Shrinking Sun. They are without excuse. You caricature creationists. How do abiogensis and spontaneous generation differ? Believers, not unbelievers, should answer charges of atheism. Answering creationist linguistic claims. Who is a true Christian? If we don't live forever, what is the point? Difference between newsgroup and Archive. Questioning the Bombardier Beetle FAQ. The Archive missed Kent Hovind. Bible and evolution. Protestant churches and evolution.

February 2002
Louis Pasteur and Gregor Mendel. Monkey men skeletons are 99/100 made out of tar or something else. Y-chromosome refutes evolution? Recession of the Moon. Where are the arguments against evolution? I read it in very many books. A young atheist. Omitting creationists with valid credentials. Gert Korthof on evolution. Creation myths. Archive is cowardly and hypocritical. The "lost squadron." Talk UFOrigins Archive. Reply to feedback on who is a true Christian. Answers in Genesis list of arguments creationists should not use. Walt Brown's challenge. I don't understand why this site denies God and the Bible. Human skulls haven't changed in 10,000 years. Pathogen evolution and creationism. Marine fossils on top of mountains. You can't give an example of hydrogen turning into a human. Corners of the Earth. Creationist response to Thermodynamics FAQs. Attacking reply to FAQ criticism. Quoting Douglas J. Futuyma. Grace. Islamic influences on Darwin? Quoting Colin Patterson. Pasteur and Virchow.

March 2002
Atheist zealot attacks compatibility of evolution and the Bible. Peppered moths. Haeckel's drawings. A fundamentalist Christian who accepts evolution. If sin is not real why teach right from wrong? Why not photos of fossils? Recession of the Moon FAQ rebuttal. Criticism of court decisions. Polonium halos. Punctuated equilibrium contradicts creationism and evolutionism. Math and evolution. Mitochondria and chloroplast inheritance. Genetics terms. Carl Wieland. Pascal's wager. Newsgroup moderation computer crash. Hovind's offer. Similar flood stories. Evolution of the knee. Why are there no fossils in the Grand Canyon? Fossil bird hoax.

April 2002
Darwin's The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals. Fossilisation. London Hammer. Creation stories. What if you were disabled? Arguing the definition of evolution. Accuracy of radiocarbon and dating of Mount St. Helens. Critics of Behe don't believe in Jesus. Molecular biology and evolution. Top soil production. Slowing rotation of the Earth. Carbon-14 and police radar guns. Chinese characters and the Biblical Flood. Summary of Darwin's theory. Photos.

May 2002
Nothing could ever make me believe in evolution. The Archive and Jehovah's Witnesses. Do you believe in God? Ron Wyatt and giant men. Methusaleh. Evidence of useless body parts evolving into useful ones? Order, organization, and thermodynamics. How do you get What good would an optic nerve be without an eye? Evolution is not a fact, but is the best explanation. But what about the credentials of the founders of modern evolutionary thought? Supreme Court ruled that creationism is science? Of "mainstream" and bias. A population of one.

June 2002
A sense of cognitive dissonance. Peter Borger's credentials. New creationist magnetic field claims. Ken Ham on PBS Evolution series. Pratchett's Discworld. Mutation increasing information. Evolution and definitions of science. Responsible to the Intelligent Designer. ICR response to "A Creationist Exposed." Does creation require a god? Polonium halos. Five Major Misconceptions about Evolution FAQ criticism. Facts and theories. Hydrogen/helium conversion and short period comets. Richard Milton. Why don't see see a steady increase of the number of genes in humans? Another person can't figure out that this is not the newsgroup. God and the direction of evolution.

July 2002
Walt Brown's challenge. Harris again claims that genome size steadily increase in evolution. Application of evolution. Lunar landers and a lake of dust. Kent Hovind's challenge. Fitting the animals into the Ark. Is macroevolution the accepted mainstream theory? Bias of "29 Evidences." Vapor canopy. Newsgroup is not civil. What is ALL of the evidence? Gorillas beget gorillas. In twenty years macroevolution will replaced with another theory. Using Gould's definition of fact against us. Why can't we find transitional forms? Julian William French of Answers in Genesis shows off his critical reading skills. Kent Hovind kicks butt? Question to ethical atheists. What about Michael Behe? Rib counts and Eve.

August 2002
Embryonic stages mimic ancestral forms? How could Earth evolve from nothing? Laughing at evolutionists since they believe in crop circles. Moon recession. What were Darwin's views on abiogenesis? Survival of the fittest chemical elements? Trying to change the minds of creationists. Claim that many evolutionists are becoming creationists but no creationist are becoming evolutionists. Reader confuses radiocarbon dating with other radiometric techniques. Why do apple trees have apples? Bats as sister clade to primates. Bible and evolution. First law of thermodynamics. Another person can't figure out that the Archive does not endorse a flat earth. Why should I trust the Archive?

September 2002
Flat Earth Society as an urban myth. Evolution of optically active proteins from racemic mixtures. Geography error or Australian imperial aspirations? Mutations and information. Why did you not post my feedback? 78 arguments for creationism spoof. Coelacanth. Red shifts of galaxies. Dating of mitochondrial eve. Misunderstanding the evolution of apples. Hovind's challenge again. An ex-fundamentalist creationist. Why is there Plutonium-244? The Archive is a sham to make money. Evolution of thought and emotion. Origins of the Flood story. Earth's oldest known rocks. Cobb County, Georgia controversy. Evolution of size. Threatening the Archive with Hell.

October 2002
Co-evolution of flowers and bees. Snake/lizard evolution. Micro-gravity. You say that life was the result of an accident? Are humans apes? Ice cores: Old Noah gets more fantastic as science advances. Where would a transitional species get his wife? A creationist who did not read the Welcome page. Stw 573. Why not teach both? Carl Baugh visits a school. Repent. Evolution solving extinction problems. Kent Hovind has proven his beliefs beyond a shadow of a doubt. Was Darwin a racist? Lack of creationism in Japan. The species problem. Probability. Granite formed in three minutes? Information claims. Creationist without humor.

November 2002
Proof by assertion. Newsgroup jargon. Geoscience Research Institute site links to both sides. If so many of the dinosaurs were carnivores then why are dinosaur fossils found intact? Moon of Cheese allegory. Mitochondrial DNA testing. Please trash a creationist site by Harun Yahya. Creationist information claims. Feedback answers do not provide all the evidence. Are humans going to grow wings and fly one day ? How could these cellular features evolve? Looking for evidence for macroevolution. Question about ice core dating. Student thinks we have never heard of Answers in Genesis. This is supposed to be a debate site. Carbon-14 dating. First modern humans. "Leaky" admits Lucy's leg bone was found 200 feet down and a half mile away. What is your mission? Why has no scientist accepted Hovind's $250,000 challenge?

December 2002
This site is not a discussion forum. Accepting the Bible despite modern science. Open-mindedness. Age of Australian aboriginal settlement. Buddhism and beginnings. Age of deserts, trees and coral reefs (and the Hovind Hustle). Plate tectonics. The site used in Year 12 biology. Site funding. Miscellaneous praise. Proving evolution. Ring species, species concepts and speciation. On not knowing the origins of the universe. Hovind and the age of the earth. Damned if you do (agree). Greenland ice cores and YECs. Delay in the Post of the Month worth it. Scientific community and Intelligent Design. Carbon 14 dating. Mainstream science and folklore. Mike Riddle and the odds of life.

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