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The Talk.Origins Archive: Exploring the Creation/Evolution Controversy

Feedback Archive for 2003

January 2003
Top ten worst creationist arguments. Greetings from Fargo ND. The accumulation of space dust. Ilya Prigogine and thermodynamics misquote. The virtues of gullibility and ignorance. Evolution still occurring. Miscellaneous abuse. Miscellaneous praise. The ten percent of our brain myth. Who's responsible for feedback, self awareness in chimps, bipedality. Hovind challenge (again). The evolution of woodpeckers. Hateful rhetoric. Was the world flat in 1000AD? The trueorigins site. Why the debate matters. What are dinosaurs? Origins of religious belief. Jonathon Wells' bad joke. Hovind challenge (again!). And again!! Testing radioactive decay rates. Archaeopteryx and the cockatrice. Donations.

February 2003
Sarcasm, Interpolation and Extrapolation. Del Ratzsch a creationist? Evidence for evolution. Some questions. Marvin Lubenow. Are we evolving to adapt to cities? True.Origins, and Seventh Day Adventist doubters. A thank you. The Second Law of Thermodynamics (again). Causal closure? Mainstream science (again). Ambulocetus skeleton and Answers in Genesis. All the information on the earth. One side of the argument (the Bible). And again, the other side. There is no controversy, and Southerners. Stumper questions. Various claims including hoaxes. How good is Punk Eek? Trouble with Christians? Dating the earth. Gravity works (so we see). Irreducible complexity and that flagellum again. Good info for fencesitters. Evolution is religion. Darwin's change of mind. Evolution's "fatal flaws" for Christians. Flat earth and creationists. Flat earth and the archive (again). Dinos and birds, among other things. Raelians and cloning. The meaning of life. Flooding of the Black Sea. Mutation and loss of adaptability, and transitional species. Mutation ccr-5 and AIDS. Eyes. Bad arguments for God. Salinity of oceans and lakes. Polonium. A universe without God. Big Bang. A nonspecific objection. Philosophy department thanks. Zebras and horses domesticated. Fakery. Genetic programming site. Purpose versus means. A linguist on microevolution. Keeping creationism and ID from classrooms. Duane Gish's credibility. Discovering heliocentricity. Novelty and mutation. All about fossils. Level of mutations. Chicken and egg (yet again). Creationism and dinosaur extinction. Age of earth. Arguments in the FAQs. Flat earth and the rise of stupidity. The secret of the universe (still secret). Why life began. A feedback suggestion. Pictures of transitionals.

March 2003
Creationist reader shows off his vocabulary. Evolution of amphibians from fish. What is the evidence for evolution? Sexual selection flawed? Life from non-life. Mean spirited and rude. Flat Earth and Africa. Reader thinks Flood's waters are frozen at poles and that his feedback will not be posted. Give specific example of how Kent Hovind distorts the facts. Post of the Month comment. Asking for reprint permission. Velikovsky and Sagan. Symbolism of Genesis. Human/chimp DNA similarity is a myth? "9 of the 12 'human/apes' were actually large apes." Christian school student asks for information. Another Hovind fan who does not know how to use the search faculty or the index. Insult of the month. Pattern evolution. English class essay on creationism. A Christian rants on creationism. Ocean salinity and the age of the Earth. Legibility of Archive menu pages. Thanks from a creationist. Dmanisi fossil -- "they should have left it in the ground." Kinds. Frogs with legs sticking out of their heads. Archaeorapter. Gold Web Site Award. You fail to answer creationist questions. Vestigial features. The mountains of Venus. Answers and avoiding debates. Age of the earth is out of date. Transitional fossils question. List of many dating methods. Pascal's wager. Thanks for linking to us. Irreducible complexity. Need more elementary introductory material. C-14 and sunspots. Why are apes not turning into humans. Wanting to become a high school biology teacher. The Great Chain of Being. Get a life. Robert Jastrow. Noah's match box. How does the environment "select" organisms?

April 2003
Rocks of ages. Shrinking sun. Compact proof of evolution. Starlight in a young universe. The Dopeer Effect. True Origins. Evolution is stupid. Creationist error unacknowledged. Ian Taylor. Chance and mathematics. Not a fight against religion. Credentials of authors. Dating methods. Open ended discussion. Prayer and common descent. Hall of Ma'at website. Wanting it to be true. Suspicious credentials FAQ hypocritical? More open minded. Y. S. Lee's website. Philosophical origin of life. Thanks for school essay material. Facts. Hominid evolution and the Bible. Asexuality and the evolution of sex. Darwin's views on abiogenesis. Chromosomal fusion in ape to human genome. Arms races and microorganisms. Odds on creation. Thanks from a school student. Ignorance of facts is no excuse. Hovind being attacked unfairly? Creating life in the lab. Kudos from a non-evolutionist. Love it - where are the pics? Another Gould misquote.

May 2003
You are one sided. Tigris and Euphrates. How do new characteristics evolve? Food items from non-life. Periannan Senapathy. Hovind's offer. The WMAP probe results and the age of the universe. Darwin thought that macroevolution is absurd! Punctuated equilibrium. Feedback claiming that radiometric dating is an impossible to solve equation with three variables which is shown to be false using Pb-Pb dating. Evolutionary theory and computer code. Radiocarbon and Triassic "wood." Michael Behe and irreducible complexity. Answering questions about the human reproductive system. Quantized red-shift claims. Creationists on dino-birds. How different is human and chimp DNA? Descent from reptiles. General second law of thermodynamics and information. Explain dating. Darwin says we were created by a supreme being. Delayed feedback. Creationist potty mouth. Mammals evolving, but not humans? Educator wants unbiased information. Atheism and creationism are two sides of the same coin. Biblical interpretation Religious mystification and creationists web sites. DNA variation. Abiogenesis. Charles Oxnard and the australopithecines. How can anything think the universe is only six thousand years old? Why is it that true christians hesitate to accept evolution? Ussher's chronology. Cain marrying his sister and genetic load. Michael Denton and homology.

June 2003
Kudos from Northern Ireland. Testing creationism. Over the moon. NASA and the long day. Theory and fact. Creationism in Europe. School board activism. Threatened by creation? Every creationist canard in summary. Definition of "observed". Explaining and allowing. Actual contradictions. Selection, teleology and Wallace. ID, macroscopic change and information. We are loved. If it were maths, not biology. Evolution for kids. Dating really old fossils. Chemistry and God. Earth-moon tidal lock. Why chimps wouldn't want to mate with humans. Who is Thomas Baillieul? Golden Plovers. Naive philosophy. Coal formation. Brady Mayo's feedback. Graham Hancock's book. Our agenda. True Origins site mimicking us. Creationists ignoring transitionals. An incredible resource (shucks). What the conclusion is. The ID of artifacts. Colonial transitions. Behe on ID and IC. Determinism. Languages simplifying. The "theory" of electricity. Thanks for the facts. Thanks for the language. Human evolution fossils. Molten earth and gold. Evolution and languages.

July 2003
Degrees and pseudoscience. Wyatt's route for the Exodus. Informing the public. Warring camps and method. Praise. Origin of spirit. Finding ancestors. Needing to evolve. Praise for "29 Evidences." Math and the eyeball. Statements of belief. Levikoff lost. The beginning of evolution. Acambro "dinosaurs". Facts and evidence. Mainstream science. Steve Austin and Mt. St. Helens. Blubber on the beach in Chile. Praise. Fossils of whales and fallacies. RNA World. AIDS evolving. "Lost Squadron". Biblical allegory and cosmology. Intuitions and deductions. Christian faith and evolution. Corvette trees and entropy. Archaeoraptor liaoningensis. Pseudoscience in school. Primitive precursors. Fools speaking to the world. Entropy, order and information. Long-lived Dinosauria. Jerison replies on Archeopteryx. Why do creationists persist? Creationist links. Philosophy and facts. Distant stars at AIG. Proof, bombadier beetles and evidence. Monkeys or sharks? Illinois roadside fossils. Piltdown in textbook. Intelligent design fear? Email questions. Error correction. Gordon Rattray Taylor and selection. More Acambro figurines. Thanks. God and evolution. Have the Hovinders given up? Giant horse evolution. Teach evolution in religious schools. Walt Brown. Created Europeans? Examples of mammal speciation. Praise for patience. FAQ credentials. Aquatic apes. Transitionals lacking.

August 2003
Big bang and Pascal's Wager. Falsifying old earth geology. Modern human bones. When analogies attack. Tom Ballilieul's credentials. Male and female of a new species. On Walt Brown and hydroplate theory. HeLa as a species. Survival of species, cognition, and naughty bits. Doug Adams biography. Chromosome numbers and speciation. Pascal's Wager. The entropy of a seed. In Walt Brown's shoes. Fernandez and True Origins. Harun Yahya plagiarism. A pothead fantasy. Carbon dating accuracy. A Fortean tautology, and Darwin on species. Disappointment - get used to it. Kudos. The Home Game. We Are Not Flat Earthers. Safe birthing. Learning. Common sense.

September 2003
Geological timeline the best. The Watchtower book. More quoted Watchtower stuff in life, the universe... The evolution of religion. God guides evolution. "Evolution" and "theory" - their meanings. Augustine on Genesis. Relative common sense. Intelligent? Design. Circularity and dating. Horse evolution. Kudos. Evolution not a science. The improbability of everything. Documenting flat earthers. Height versus weight. The Ica Stones from Peru. The ancestor of all life. Evolution and the Atonement of Christ. The triangle of the world. Boks older than the Bible. Local versus global flood. Sidereal time and NASA's "missing day". More kudos [preen]. No solid proof. Misconceptions about evolution. Are all organisms selfish? Some challenges (especially the central nervous system). A child's humilation. Radioactive dating and history. Baumgartner's double standard. More radiocarbon dating calibration. 1000 non-creationist Christians.

October 2003
Misquotes and misunderstandings. Both sides now? Spherically challenged. Editing plagiarism. Hovind. Texas Board of Education. Ignorance in heaven. Links for kids. Index to creationist claims kudos. Feedback in reverse. Reality and maths. No new information. Quotes and mining technologies. An acid reply. The Index. Blocking truth? A vague complaint. Allele frequency definition addition. Testing the hypothesis. Caps lock attack. Hating God and beating your wife. ID and science. Hovind. Seeking Behe. Shells at the summits. Boosting the Q'uran? Phenomenal. Contributors' credentials. Other gods, other resurrections. You guys are gay. Extreme probabilities happen 9 times out of 10. Horse evolution. Fire ant evolution. Thermo kudos. Teenage disbelief in evolution. Getting science from your pastor. Quote on quoting. On being openminded. Kudos for the dedication of volunteers. On controversies in science. Coelocanth evolution or lack of it. Referring to the Archive. Error in Astronomical Distance FAQ. Answers in Genesis and bad arguments. On biblical prophecy. Evolution and the meaning of life. Equal ground. Mammoths and the Flood. Kudos and love. Civility in argument. Missing links and the Archive in a book. Understanding biology.

November 2003
Monkeys aren't evolving. Faulty logic. Linnaeus was later than we think! Why didn't the chicken cross the species barrier? Biochemical origin of life. Unrequited love. Ancient Greek cosmologies. Hostility. Thermo for the tech-challenged. Irreducible complexity again. Proof. Formation of the solar system. The archive and Scientific American. Moving beyond kinds. Kudos from a creationist. Definitions and a lack of substance. Facts and creationist sites. Evolution misdefined. A pedantry. Kudos for manners. Another pedantry. Mormon creationist. Encouragement. Liar liar. An insight. Applause. YECism and skepticism. Overwhelmed by info. Evolution stopped in Homo sapiens? Suboptimal creation. Thanks for schoolwork help. Kudos from an archaeologist. Other origins and the Kalam Cosmological Argument. Harun Yahya. Hovind's tax "troubles". Horse pictures. Embarrassed by literalists. Entropy explanation. Creation kudos again! Selection after gene duplication.

December 2003
Both creation and evolution. Humphries and zircons. Anger management. Hovind's ChrEdDibility. Why are there still apes? Facts and theories in ordinary use. The Mars "face" and creationism. Kabbalah and the age of the universe. Answers in Genesis? Are scientists human? Evolution a bandwagon? Nebraska Lucy. What would Hovind do? The "plesiosaur" story debunked. Credentials. Where is the proof? Common design. Retro creationism. Altruism in eusocial insects and schmoos. Symbiogenesis. Stuff happens. Everything was vegetarian before the Flood. Theory. Transitionals, haloes, information, mutations and wings, oh my. Macroevolution and Walt Brown. Anti-Creation? Trilobites and shoes.

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