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February: Did the early church interfere in secular questions?
James Beck contents, within the context of his argument against Sir Kenneth Clark's proposition that the roman church was a civilizing influence for western society, that during the middle ages the church limited its impact by remaining aloof from or submitted itself to secular authorities in economic, political and judicial matters.
March:   Gravity can be treated as a fictitious force only in tiny regions of space and time.
Steve Carlip brings the good news to weight conscious armchair theorists and couch potatoes everywhere: You can accelerate, and even experience muscle soreness without any intentional effort !
May:     An action plan for making Intelligent Design into science.
Bill Rogers explains that people working in the field of abiogenesis act like scientists, they ask questions, make models, test them, and reject one's that don't work - while design advocates to do none of these things.
July:    Creationists trying to make sense of pseudogenes
Howard Hershey enters a discussion focused on pseudogenes (and other "junk DNA"), their know functions as well as why evolution has failed to eliminate them. Offshoot questions include: Does the determination of the Most Recent Common Ancestor require circular reasoning? and Can evolution explain any observation?
August:   Since neutral mutations accumulate in every generation by dumb luck a few will spread into the entire population.
Chris Thompson describes varieties of neutral mutation and why they accumulate. He begins by exampling that even where a segment of Deoxyribo-Nucleic Acid is used to code for a protein, when a point mutation substitutes one of the nucleotide letters/bases [(A) adenine, (C) cytosine, (G) guanine, (T) thymine]) for another, the meaning/function of the three letter amino acid (word/codon), and thus also of the resulting protein, will sometimes remain completely unchanged.
November: A scientist wallows in science misrepresentation
Richard Norman in his steaming expose of media hype, reveals that the origins of sex have not been found by scientists.

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