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Post of the Month: June 2000

by Derek Tarlecki

Subject:    Re: Religion in schools
Date:       June 3, 2000
Message-ID: Ux%Z4.817$

Nathan Urban wrote in message <8h9emq$a4k$>...
>In article <8h8q1q$di2$>, wrote:
>> I don't have a problem with creationism, if that's what you believe. The
>> problem I'm finding with creationism is the apparent forcing of it being
>> taught in schools in addition to evolution, or even worse, instead of.
>You're neglecting another outcome: creationists forcing the teaching
>of neither, as preferable to teaching only evolution. Only recently
>have I realized that my public school education was sorely lacking in
>evolutionary theory, and I'm starting to suspect that creationists were
>the cause.

i just finished my ninth grade year and my biology course had little or no mention of evolution. my teacher gave us an overview of the summary in our textbooks about evolution. she told all of us if it's not what we believe we need to learn a little just to "play the game." as if we were dealing with a teacher whose methods we didn't like but dealt to get good grades. i live in the bible belt and i suspect creationists are the reason for the lack of quality science education (and it doesn't hurt that my teacher is a fundamentalist.)

i feel kinda gyped

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