The Talk.Origins Archive: Exploring the Creation/Evolution Controversy


The following people provided a tremendous service to this archive by locating many of the articles and submitting them for inclusion (listed alphabetically):

Matt Brinkman
Chris Colby
Michael Cranford
Rob Day
Wesley Elsberry
Jim Foley
William Jefferys
Peter Lamb
James Lippard
James Meritt
Larry Moran
Mickey Rowe
Tero Sand
Chris Stassen

The following people have been helpful by turning a number of FAQs into web pages:

Clark Dorman
Kenneth Fair
Jim Foley
Tedd Hadley
Peter Lamb
Chris Stassen
Mark Vuletic
John Wilkins

The following people were kind enough to spend time reading FAQs and summarizing the contents into many of the one- or two-sentence synopses that you see under the listings of articles in the archive:

James Acker
Dan Ashlock
Seth Bradley
Rob Derrick
Alan Feuerbacher
Mark Isaak
Tero Sand
Chris Stassen
Rich Trott
Warren Kurt vonRoeschlaub

Finally, but most importantly, thanks to all the authors who were kind enough to allow the archive use of your essays and FAQs. This archive represents your hard work.

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