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Feedback Archive for 2000

January 2000
Transitional sequences and change. Mount Saint Helens. Eternity requirement. Abiogenesis since Miller. Archive takes the Bible too literally? Dinosaurs and birds. Stansfield quotation. Must science be naturalistic? Lunar recession. What is "mainstream"? Bias in the archive? Angular momentum, snails, and Carbon-14. List of young-Earth claims. Flat universe?

February 2000
Bombardier Beetle FAQ (x2). Archaeopteryx fraud? Carbon-14 and molluscs. Phylum transitions. Gould on bacteria. Homology. Occam's Razor and Pascal's Wager. Morality from Science? The Flood and the Grand Canyon. Laws vs theories. Behe (x2). The fossil record. Paluxy tracks. Origin of geologic column. Tides and lunar recession. c-decay. Punctuated equilibrium. Triassic bees.

March 2000
Probability and Dawkins. The Big Bang. Douglas Adams vs Bombardier Beetle. Wilkins and Quine. Velikovsky (x2). Divergent ages. God and Evolution FAQ. Supernova remnants. Macroevolution FAQ. Young-Earth argument list. c-decay. Evolution as increase in intelligence? Evolution and philosophy. Archaeopteryx FAQ. Anti-science in general.

April 2000
Dinosaur blood cels. Documentation of errors. Beef with radioactive dating. Evolution as anti-God? Evolution as fact and theory. Darwin on the eye. Hovind's challenge. Human evolution today. Separation of church and state. Circular dating? Second law and snowflakes. Archive biased against God? Evolution vs adaptation.

May 2000
Macroevolution mechanisms. Law vs theory. Tripoli treaty of 1797. Magic bullets. Intelligent design. Giraffe evolution. Genesis interpretation. IDC, young-Earth, and Johnson's "wedge." Meaning of the various "Darwin fish" permutations.

June 2000
Omphalos. Evolution and thermodynamics. Refuting highly technical creationist works. Bombardier beetle. Why no fossil pictures here? Micro vs macro evolution. Age of the Earth. Archaeopteryx. Means of speciation. Observation and science. Creationism and racism FAQ. Social evolution. Hugh Ross. Moon dust and Walter Brown.

July 2000
Bonobos' genetic similarity to man. Gentry and bombardier beetle. Internal poll. Abiogeneis as fact? Kelvin's cooling Earth. Clams on mountains. Sociobiology. "I don't know." Darwin and transitional forms. Menopause in the animal kingdom. Darwin and racism. Day-age theory. Biblical argument against creationism. Hovind's challenge.

August 2000
Hovind recommendation. Reaction to Babinski. Moon dust and Earth recession. Is intelligence selected against? Evolution is anti-God? Horses are still horses. How do we know radioactive decay is exponential? Where's the glossary? Arkansas trial FAQ? Day-age theory link. Theistic evolution vs old-Earth creationism.

September 2000
Naturalism in science. "Hydrologic" sorting vs geology. Evolution of races. Evolution vs adaptation. Evolution of morality. What good is half an eye? Discrediting God's works? Man/chimp chromosome arrangement. Supernova link. Go talk to Morris. Biblical creation versus evolution.

October 2000
Evolution is not atheism but agnosticism? Noah's Black Sea flood? Science vs faith in evolution. McCarthyism, eugenics, and evolution. DNA similarity and paternity tests. Noah's Ark found? Large Chinese ships. Archive bias, faith, and paradigm shift. Dictionary definitions versus scientific usage. Why are there still apes? Hovind on TV.

November 2000
What Scopes taught. Common sense as science replacement. Bias in the archive (x2). Catastrophism definition. Hovind claims and his challenge. Mendel accused. Origin of laws of physics? Evolution and chance FAQ. Beneficial mutation rate. Transitional fossils. Go read a Bible. Law of biogenesis? Darwin on eye evolution.

December 2000
Behe's claims. Creating life from scratch. Intelligent design vs extinction. Teaching creationism? Wells in American Spectator. Debating creationists. The atheist-and-fundamentalist conspiracy? Genetic engineering immortality. Ongoing human evolution. Why debate at all? "Truth" and "fact" in science. Plaisted on decay rate change. Velikovsky. Second law of thermodynamics and evolution. Polystrate fossils and Mount Saint Helens.

Thanks to Chris Stassen for providing the feedback summaries above.

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