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The Talk.Origins Archive: Exploring the Creation/Evolution Controversy

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Biology teachers slipping ID in. A confused man. Kudos. Hovind. More kudos. Looking for HAL and the monolith. Darwin did not discover evolution. No facts about evolution? Subpontibian queries. Archive night-reading. Relief that religious folk accept science. Do we need a first cause? Nazis might be caused by Darwinism. Is "The Future is Wild" science? Metaphors in Genesis. Teach other "controversies" too. Theory and fact again. Kudos, and God's genius. Mainstream and ad populum. Cuvier error. Fun venting. Hipocrits [sic] about Hovind. How many errors can you find? Shrinking sun. Earth's water. Dover, PA. Hovind and Satan's spawn. Big Band theory. Learning science on the Archive. Hovind and the threat of creationism. Gould a creationist? I can just tell. Milton's questions. Archive all wrong. Dating. Offer of a body for evil experiments. Hovind not an embarrassment. Population growth after the Flood. Evolution not 99.9999% proven. Kudos and keep fighting. Adjusting to evolution. Archive is belittling. Linnaeus on species. Kudos from a former creationist. Kudos from an atheist. Kudos to Hovind, misdirected. Earth not 4byo. Elephant evolution. Evolution might be a fact, but it's a lie! Washington did not evolve.

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