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Posts of the Month for 1997

January: Evolutionary Predictions
Bowen Simmons reports on the fulfillment of naturalist E. O. Wilson's prediction about ant ancestors.

February: Behe and the Blood Clotting Cascade
George Acton explores the argument put forward by Michael Behe (Darwin's Black Box) against the likelihood of evolution of the blood clotting mechanism.

March: Evolution and Altruism
Richard Harter presents an explanation of altruism and some reasons for its evolution.

April: Evolution Hoax Revealed! Breaking News!
For some strange reason, this amazing news broke only on the Internet.

May: Where are the Transitionals?
Chris Nedin takes up the challenge of explaining why there appear to be "gaps" in the fossil record.

June: A Matter of Design
While creationists may not appreciate it, John Wilkins wonders if imperfection of living forms could turn out to be good evidence for intelligent design.

July: Ode to a Creationist
Rebecca Lynn Johnson, falling under the spell of a muse, finds inspiration in young-earth creationists.

August: Science and Creation
Robert Weidner contemplates the futility of the battle between religion and science.

September: Evolution and "Laws of Form"
John Wilkins expounds on the philosophical "laws of form" tradition and its influence on biology.

December: Precambrian Fossils
Chris Nedin contemplates the evolution and preservation of Precambrian and early Cambrian organisms.

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