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Posts of the Month for 1999

January: Changes in chromosome number during evolution
Species often come into existence when their chromosome number changes through splitting or joining. Here is an outline by rwaddle how that happens.
February: Is Haeckel's law of recapitulation a problem?
There have been claims that because Haeckel fudged his drawings of embryos, modern evolution is in a mess. Scott Chase honestly assesses the claims of fraud in the textbooks.
March: Does God have a sense of humor?
Or would he always know the punchline beforehand? And how would He react to the joketeller? Jim Acker and Jeremy Reimer investigate this weighty theological problem.
April part 1: Is there a case for Young Enthusiastic Collectorism?
We all know the Beatles sold enormous numbers of records in the 60's, right? Not so, says Louann Miller. It's all a secular humanist plot.
Also, in a first for the Post of the Month, a two-header:
April part 2: How old is a nonliteral interpretation of Genesis?
Answer: one of the leading Jewish philosophers alive at the time of Jesus was a nonliteralist. Courtesy of Thomas Scharle.
May: Why is there sex?
Multicellular organisms' cells have given up the right to reproduce. Why? Felipe gives sources and answers to this problem of evolution.
June: The Ground Rules explained
In any newsgroup - indeed in any conversation - there are basic groundrules. Louann Miller explains those for the newsgroup, and offers some advice and encouragement.
September: Weasels, ReMine, and Haldane's Dilemma
After years of people wondering how Dawkins' "weasel" program could show Haldane's Dilemma, as claimed by Walter ReMine, Ian Musgrave gets a copy of the program. In this post, Musgrave analyzes what ReMine did and its relation, or lack thereof, to reality and Haldane's Dilemma.
October: The Four Strongest Points for Evolution
Sean Hederman presents a concise list of the four strongest points to fight for evolution in a debate.
November: Things that Are True
Colin Patterson is said to have asked for one thing about evolution that is true. Wesley Elsberry provides a list of them.
December: Behe and the Evolution of the Krebs Cycle
Sherilyn discusses a paper from the Journal of Molecular Evolution presenting what Michael Behe claims does not exist: a detailed model of the evolution of a complex molecular machine.

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