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The Talk.Origins Archive: Exploring the Creation/Evolution Controversy

Kansas Evolution Hearings

Pre-Hearings Statements by Pedro Irigonegaray

The Transcripts

April 19, 2005 Statement by Pedro Irigonegaray

Pedro Luis Irigonegaray
Counsel for Mainstream Science
Kansas State Board of Education "Science Hearings"
May 5-7 and May 12-14, 2005

My participation in this process began when I was asked by the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) to represent mainstream science at the so-called "science hearings." I have accepted that duty. My responsibility in this process is to represent Draft 2 of the science standards, as submitted by the science writing committee. Draft 2 is the Majority position of the committee of science education experts chosen by the Kansas State Board of Education (KSBE).

I am joined in my efforts by the coalition for science and its thousands of members in support of Draft 2. We have concluded that these "science hearings" are meant to further a political and theological agenda. These hearings are not a scientific enterprise and are an improper format for the discussion and evaluation of science. I will not be debating evolution science in these hearings. The KSBE subcommittee has made it clear that they do not support Draft 2 of the standards and that they support the non-scientific opinions of the Intelligent Design (ID) Minority.

It is our opinion that the intended purpose of these hearings is:

I have joined thousands of scientists worldwide who recognize these hearings to be no more than a showcase for Intelligent Design, and to be rigged against mainstream science. I support their refusal to participate. These hearings are being paid for by Kansas taxpayers with money meant for the education of Kansas children. The KSBE:

These hearings should not take place. I support the science coalition's call for these hearings to be cancelled. The KSBE has given the Intelligent Design Minority unprecedented special privileges to advance their views, despite the rejection of those views by the science writing committee. The KSBE has unfairly changed the established process to benefit the Minority. They have:

The Intelligent Design movement is theologically based and meant to advance a narrow sectarian view of God over other religious beliefs, including those of most mainstream Christians. The KSBE's involvement in promoting the Intelligent Design movement raises serious legal questions concerning the separation of church and state. The KSBE risks spending tens of thousands of dollars in legal expenses if they adopt Minority proposals that would incorporate Intelligent Design theology into our standards – a needless and wasteful expense that Kansas taxpayers should not be forced to pay. Taken as a whole, the KSBE's actions are an unprecedented political attack on the educational establishment, are damaging to the science education of every Kansas child, and are potentially damaging to the future economic welfare of our state. However, since it is apparent that these hearings will be conducted over our objections. I am prepared to bring to the public's attention and to place on the public record the real issues involved in this unfortunate situation.

Through cross-examination, statements to the KSBE subcommittee, and the submission of exhibits, I will present details about the educational, theological, cultural, economic, and legal issues connected to the Minority position.

It is my opinion that these hearings represent an abuse of discretionary power by the Kansas State Board of Education. Our children's future is directly related to the quality of their education. Teaching children non-scientific ideas as if they were science is intellectually dishonest and will confuse children at a core level about the difference between, and the limits of, science and other important types of human knowledge.

I ask all concerned Kansans to please join us in our efforts.

Pedro Luis Irigonegaray

Fax by Irigonegaray to the Subcommittee

May 2, 2005

Mr. Steve Abrams, Chairperson
Ms. Connie Morris, Board member
Ms. Kathy Martin, Board member
Scientific Standards
Subcommittee of the Kansas State
  Board of Education
120 S.E. Tenth Avenue
Topeka, Kansas 66612-1182

Dear Mr. Chairperson and members of the Subcommittee:

I will not call witnesses to testify in the hearings you have scheduled in Topeka, Kansas from May 5 to May 7, and from May 12 to May 14.

I will cross-examine the Minority witnesses, submit exhibits for the record and provide a closing argument.

Please reserve only May 12, 2005, for my presentation.




Pedro L. Irigonegary


The Transcripts

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