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The Talk.Origins Archive: Exploring the Creation/Evolution Controversy

Kansas Evolution Hearings

Transcripts of an Intelligently-Designed "Kangaroo Court"

[Posted: July 1, 2005]


This FAQ is a transcript of the so-called "science hearings" held in May, 2005 by the Kansas Board of Education to justify its revision, at the expense of evolution, of proposed new science standards. It is based on transcripts by the court reporters, with some misspellings corrected and relevant links added.

Short contents: Background, start of transcript, Harris, Thaxton, Wells, Simat, Sermonti, Seelke, Peltzer, Carlson, Sanford, DiSilvestro, Leonard, Ely, DeHart, Gonzalez-Bravo, Millam, Bryson, Barham, Meyer, Menuge, Nord, Akyol, Behe, Calvert, and closing day.


Copyright Information

The transcripts from which the contents of these files were copied from are public documents in the public domain. This HTML adaptation of those transcripts is copyright © 2005 by the TalkOrigins Foundation. Permission to copy it for non-commercial educational purposes is granted on the condition that a return link to this page is provided.

Easy Technical Note on the HTMLization

The transcripts of the hearings have numerous anchors placed in their HTML coding so that anyone can link to any place in the testimony that is desired. For example if one wants link to where Nancy Bryson testifies that the Earth is from "4.5 billion years to ten thousand years" old then one simply views the page source. For most browsers that option is in the View menu. Find the passage you are interested in. In this case the HTML coding for the exchange began with:

<p><a name="p3195" id="p3195"></a><b>Q.</b> I have a few questions for you that I'd like to place on the record first, please. The first thing I'd like to ask you is what is your personal opinion as to what the age of the world is?</p>

The URL that will link to that passage is:

Big Improvement (July 18, 2005): To make it easier, paragraphs that start with bold headers like "Q:" or "CHAIRMAN ABRAMS:" have links to themselves within the bold text. These links will not be visible unless you use your mouse (or whatever) to put your browser's pointer (or whatever) above them. Just click one to get its URL. Paragraphs without such headers will still require looking at the source code.


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