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Claim CA650:

Evolution implies that animals suffered and died for billions of years before human beings appeared. This implies that God is not really a God of mercy and grace, because the suffering was not necessary to create human beings for fellowship with himself. This, in turn, implies that the loving God of the Bible does not exist.


Morris, Henry M. 2000. The vital importance of believing in recent creation. Back to Genesis 138 (June): a-c.
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  1. Evolution assumes that the conditions of death and suffering in the past were much like they are now. If death and suffering mean God was not a god of grace and mercy before humanity, then the same conditions today mean he still is not such a god.

  2. It is not for us to tell God how to do his job. There is no justification to claim that from God's point of view, death and suffering are not the best way to get things done.

  3. Creationism does not solve the problem. It still proposes a god that allowed 2,000 years or more of suffering and dying before redemption came. If God is cruel for allowing billions of years of suffering, he is still cruel for allowing thousands of years of suffering.

  4. Origins are not determined by our personal decisions of what religion to follow.

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