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Claim CA651:

If evolution is true, then God is directly responsible for death. God pronounced his original creation "very good" (Gen. 2:1), which implies that God is sadistic, taking pleasure in watching the suffering and dying. A God of grace and mercy would not use the principle of survival of the fittest.


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  1. Humans do not get to decide what God would and would not do. To make such a decision is to place oneself above God.

  2. If a God of grace and mercy would not allow natural selection, then a God of grace and mercy does not exist. Extinctions and selective individual deaths continue today. If a creator God exists, then God, at the very least, is responsible for creating the circumstances that cause extinction and death and for allowing them to continue. This is true even if you believe that death is the result of the Fall, which God implemented in response to sin.

    If creationism is true, then God is directly responsible for death. Blaming Adam, not God, for all suffering is scapegoating. Adam was human, so he did not have that much power. Even if Adam motivated God to cause suffering, God was the one responsible for bringing it to pass.

  3. There would be little good about a world without death. Either there would be no reproduction, in which case none of us would exist, or animals would be many layers deep and would have no room to move around. Death is a necessary part of life.

  4. The attitude behind the claim not only separates one from God but encourages ingratitude with the world, saying we cannot see it as "very good" as it is. Suffering is a state of mind and is largely a function of the person's attitude more than of external circumstances. As Abraham Lincoln said, "People are about as happy as they make up their mind to be." To blame suffering on others is to look for scapegoats.

  5. Creationists link death and decay with the second law of thermodynamics, with the consequence that no decay before the Fall means the second law of thermodynamics was not in effect before the Fall. However, the second law of thermodynamics is intimately connected with the flow of time. Since the Bible says that time was established before the Fall, thermodynamics and therefore decay must have existed then, too.

  6. Origins are not determined by one's personal decision of what religion to follow.

Further Reading:

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