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Claim CC054:

The fossil humerus KP 271 is an apparently human fossil from four million years ago, which, according to the standard evolutionary model, is well before the appearance of modern humans.


Lubenow, Marvin L. 1992. Bones of Contention: A creationist assessment of the human fossils. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, pp. 54-58.


  1. Even a humerus from a chimpanzee looks similar to a human humerus; it should not be surprising that the humerus from a closer relative would look even more similar. However, the anatomical evidence strongly indicates that the specimen is not human and is a good match with Australopithecus anamensis (Lague and Jungers 1996).


Foley, Jim. 2004. Creationist arguments: Anomalous fossils.


  1. Lague, M. R. and W. L. Jungers, 1996. Morphometric variation in Plio-Pleistocene hominid distal humeri. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 101: 401-427.

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