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Claim CC061:

French anthropologist Marcellin Boule said that the skulls of Peking Man (Sinanthropus, now classified with Homo erectus) are "monkey-like." Others have pointed out that this was based on a poor translation, but the monkey quote does not misrepresent Boule's text.


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  1. Without question, calling the skulls monkey-like is a major misrepresentation of Boule. In the pages immediately following the quote in question, Boule emphasized that he was not dismissing Peking Man as a monkey.

    Some creationists have rationalized that the French word singe used by Boule can mean either monkey or ape, but it is clear from context that the ape meaning was intended.

  2. Events surrounding use of this quote show the poor behavior by several creationists:


Foley, Jim, 2003. Creationist arguments: The monkey quote.


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