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First, if you're planning to ask one of these Frequently Asked Questions, click on it to find the answer:

I enjoy getting feedback from people who have found the site enjoyable or useful, and even from those who haven't. If you send feedback, I'll assume it's OK for me to put it on my feedback page unless you say otherwise. If you have a preference for how much of your name you want me to use, tell me.

I don't, however, have time for a long chatty dialogue about creation and evolution, especially on topics unrelated to human evolution. You'll find plenty of people willing to discuss these matters on the newsgroup, or on a number of bulletin boards devoted to the creation/evolution debate. Don't get me wrong; I like receiving mail, but I just don't have a lot of time in which to respond to it. Don't be offended if I don't reply; sometimes it takes me a long time to respond and occasionally messages just get lost in the clutter; email me again with a reminder if it's important to you and I'll try hard to get back to you!

If, after all that, you would still like to send me email, my address is

(no link provided, to thwart spammers; you'll have to type it into your email program)

For some months in early 2009, I was using a different email address which had stopped working, so if you sent email then I probably didn't get it. Apologies, and emails are now getting through.

This page is part of the Fossil Hominids FAQ at the Archive.

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