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The Talk.Origins Archive: Exploring the Creation/Evolution Controversy

Feedback Archive for 2004

December 2004
Specified simplicity. Sunday School antiscience. Darwin and Das Kapital. English creationism. Eyewitness news? An ocean of salt. Chicken and eggs. Bottom up design. Nit picking. Satan killed the dinosaurs, cops plea. Origin of life. Thoughts of creationist. Wasteful evolution not God's work. Homeschooling indoctrination. Creationism = nihilism. False dichotomy. Blyth's evolutionism. Thanks. A thick K-T boundary. Cosmology and ex nihilo. Darwin an emancipationist. Evolution and ethics. Size of Ark argument wrong. Hobbits disprove evolution. Genetic information. ID and IC OK. Don't say "precursors". Kudos to the gray-sayers. Oh, go kill yourselves. Proof against evolution. Ape HERVs. What happens to non-beneficial mutations? A litany of canards. Evolution of information by mutation? High school kudos. Pitman not a strawman, by Pitman. Spontaneous generation. Critical thinking.

November 2004
Praise for our efforts. The scientific consensus ignored. Something Meg said. Talkorigins makes a difference. An ID advocate's kudos. Watchtower site. Politics I. Moondust and Uranium-iron dating. Colby kudos. Archive recommended by textbook on mammals. No idea about Jesus. Immovable earth? Transitional fossil queries. Many capital arguments. Forming proteins in nature. Neutrality. No support for creationism. Law of biogenesis. Usenet and nntp. Evolution proven. Teaching creationism in schools. Format crit. Politics II. God's little helpers. A compassionate God? Wells, and gill slits. Why AiG doesn't link to us. Two facts about evolution. Bombadier beetle again. Recommending Noll. Replicating history. [Defies description]. Bible and a spherical Earth. Lunar module and dust. Chance. Earth's primitive atmosphere. Trueorigin lack of feedback. Might is not right. From single cell to multicellular.

October 2004
Flood enlightenment. Discovery Institute. DNA as God? A Christian apology. Evolution and fossils, etc. Education critical. Th1s s1te roxors. Another wager argument. Mousetrap parts. The origin of the week. A rant. Corvus correction. ICR libel a scientist. Hovind v. AIG. Stupid is. Evolution deniers. A spontaneous big generation bang. Thanks for Age of the Earth. Hobbits! A plea for Jed Jones. Jesus and Homo floriensis. The psychology of creationism. Wilkins drones on. Hopkins is not Wilkins. Citing the archive. Reconciling faith and science.

September 2004
A [bee] sting in the tail. Do we have to read a textbook? No poofs. Infallible at 14. The Genealogy of the Bible. Information from a random caper. Grievous harm? The feedersback do read it all. Introductory evolution. ID and ET. Remembering the dead, and an insult. Finding FAQs. This site crocs. Explaining DNA. Evolution and theists. Is the Bible the bomb? Geocentrism. Brad Harrub. The end of theology. Monkeys. After humans. Denying the ark. Consonental drift. Thanks from Norway. Listing evolutionary scientists. Evulooshun rong. Lamarck's theory of evolution. Quote of progress. Hovind and logic, or the lack of it. Where did humans come from? Hovind challenge, again. A mistake, corrected. Universal etymology. Political prejudice at Pharyngula. The missed comma. Sparking a comment. Awesome site. God would be alien to us. God and evolution. Polystrate fossils in Nova Scotia.

August 2004
Miller and the atmosphere. Moon dust units. Mitochondrial Eve scripts. Comparative creation. Retroviruses and evolution. Facts supporting creation? On-topicality. Age of the earth and certainty. Wings uphill. Language filtering. Thanks for the help. "Factual" claims and authority. Freedom and biochemistry. Earth slowing down in old age. Kelvin's calculation. Paluxy tracks. The origin of helium. Age of stars. Pointing to the newsgroup. Invaluable talkorigins. Science and the Discworld. A cool minded Christian kudos.

July 2004
Evolution and laws of nature. William Williams' arguments against old earth. Feedback delays. Mad scientists. Kudos from a student. Mouth breeding frogs. Natural gas production. Origin of apes. Evolutionary creationism. Hovin [sic] challenge. Grammatical mistake. God and futility. Rocket science. "Theory". The religeon [sic] of humanism? Bob Riggins' pages. Creation and evolution. Cats and dogs. Variations only. Pharyngula blog. Open forum. Kudos. More kudos with exclamation marks. Moving turtles.

June 2004
Reconstructing from fossil fragments. The fragmentary movie of life. Love the site. Kent Hovind is a messanger [sic]. Home-made Darwinfish. Hoax giant. Free-will and the little things. Hovind on fire. We make it too easy. Without bias, evolution sucks. "Little Foot" due late 2005. Symbiotic evolution. Big Bang creationism. Harun Yahya's anti-Holocaust book. A sociologist's thanks. Great work. Denton and the digital watch. Human and rabbit blood and human and donkey milk. Pre-Mayan civilization and the Flood myth. Why isn't the universe all warm? Kudos and a question unanswered. Determinism and responsibility.

May 2004
Evolution and Creationism both theories. A detractor makes his/her anonymous feelings known. A minor correction on Wooly Mammoths. And even more minor correction about Don Patton. -- what gives? Microevolution isn't evolution. Kudos from a middle schooler -- doing an English paper? An odd set of questions from a feedbacker. The oppressive eukaryotists must be stopped. Flat Earth Site? The ICR on chirality. More Kudos for the Archive -- from across the Pond, no less. The Archive hazy on "gap theory". Buddhist Darwinism. The evolution/creation debate a "dichotomy"? Feedback respondents get sick of responding to the same questions over and over? Genetic differences between us and our closest relatives. The Archive shouldn't take creation so literally. Moon-dust and the lunar lander. A fourteen-year-old has issues with anti-evolutionst websites and arguments. A twenty-one-year-old has a very similar experience. Why did whales evolve? Even more Kudos. Astronomical explanation for the week? A Sci-Fi geek throws out a few imaginative questions. Proof that some evolutionists are just as ignorant as anti-evolutionists. Wooly Mammoths and "instant freezing". Intriguing questions from an interested reader -- answered by a feedback responder.

April 2004
Humans didn't come from rocks. Questions circling around non-literalist creationisms. Ussher correction. A feedbacker contacts (and gets a response from!) Kent Hovind. Funny website. Kudos to the Archive. The Archive keeps a science teacher from doing real work. "You weren't there!" and besides airplanes didn't work at first. The water from Noah's Flood? Long article about the teaching of evolution in Canada. Mainstream scientists are all dupes. A seventh grader thinks evolution is dumb. "The Bible has only one interpretation." Suggestions for the Archive from a supporter. Scientific correlations between the Bible and science? Parse error. The Archive has been debunked. Evolution history, not science -- a response to Daniel Harpur (sic). A Demski supporter takes umbrage. Why not sue Kent Hovind? Who is Walter Veith? More kudos for the Archive. The cosmos is beautiful, therefore God exists. Correction in the Index to Creationist Claims. Tyre -- a response to a February 2004 feedback. "Don Patton" -- a misspelling? "Without a start their (sic) can be no evolution. The Flood was local, not global. A reader is upset with the Archive -- for refuting views different from her own? Evolution is a load a load of junk. A reader needs his feedback fix. Christianity is evil. An irate feedbacker insults the Archive. A feedbacker doesn't believe in anything he/she can't see, and thinks aliens seeded the planet ten thousand years ago. Angry about grammatical errors. A criticism of the "God and Evolution" FAQ. Theory vs. Law. Do teachers think that "life is meaningless" should be taught in schools? Darwin didn't have a real degree and yadda yadda yadda. Philosophical questions. Science unbelievable without God. Transitional species. Where do discuss evolution?

March 2004
Evolution wholly mechanistic. The Archive great like Jerry Springer. Evolution too new to be accepted? Life on Mars and evolution. Interested in my essay? The Archive kicks it old-school. A question about radiometric dating. Why no info on the Aquatic Ape? Probability of abiogenesis. If Darwin Had Died Young. Kudos to the Archive. The Ark and the ships of Zheng He. Lamarckism posibly true after all? Correction to Feb. 2004 feedback. Jeffersonian documents. Evolutionists shouldn't be too hasty in rejecting the Global Flood. Get rid of the flat-earth link. How is evolution more than just a theory? Neontology or neonatology? Proof of intelligent design. The Archive helps with an English paper. The Archive kicks it really old school. Great site. Cosmology is covered by "origins" -- a criticism of a Feb. 2004 feedback response. Googlewhack. "Evolution deceit" claims the Archive is biased. Kudos to the Archive. SNR's and the age of the universe. A genuine flat-earther... or not. A great cartoon. John Wilkins takes a correction. Satan is proud of you. Naturalistic accounts of the Flood discount God's intervention. A Kent Hovind fan speaks out. Correction in the cosmology FAQ -- Earth not six billion years old. Quotes from Darwin and Huxley about race. The Feedback archives proof of a very young Earth. Criticism of ID's explanatory filter. "Evolutionists are such wimps." Correction in the Index of Creationist Claims. Genes never add new information -- a new argument? General science questions. More Kudos for the Archive. The FAQ should be taught in schools. How do organisms know when to adapt? Evolution an anti-God religion. Creationism mental abuse? Correlation of scientific dating methods.

February 2004
Mistake in the Index of Creationist Claims. Extinction of species not a problem. Need feedback NOW. Creationists belong in zoos. Creationist thinks the Archive is swell. A critical summary of the Punctuated Equilibrium FAQ. Vestigal structures help evolution? A former creationist likes the Archive. "Proving a theory" simplistic? -- a response to January 2004 feedback response. Need a page dealing with worldview differences. Most common creationist arguments. Why certain arguments shouldn't be used. Where did Time, Matter, Space, and Energy come from? Horse evolution complex. Wanting a less technical resource. Trapopogonan? Switching an AIG staff member -- paleosols in the Grand Canyon? The Archive is gibberish. Evolution rammed down throats by schools and the Archive. Losing team? How do you look at yourself in the mirror? Cognitive dissonance among creationists. Beneficial mutations in the Cambrian. Monkeys evolving into humans today? Thanks for pointing out creationist errors, but where did the first life come from? Biblical prophecy and evolution not related. Recent burial of dinosaurs at Dinosaur National Monument. Thanks for the patience. Thanks for the hard work. How do I post a response? Thanks for the educational facilities. A Christian who doesn't believe in evolution. A creationist gives kudos to the Archive. Creationists like Phoenixes. PE an excuse for lack of transitionals, and why no feedback from kids under 13? DNA has "meaning" without a designer? When is the Moon getting out of the neighborhood? Moon dust and dating methods. Crusades before the current Bible. Creationists will never accept evolution. How can you accept the Earth is flat? Coconuts and oceans. Found a fossil femur. Thanks for the information. Has the Archive heard of Sober? "Fine-tuning" of physical constants? Evolution materials for home-schoolers? Why no material on the creation of the Earth? The Earth is a Sphere. Is there a fossil record? The moon in tidal lock. Can we find ancient meteor impacts? Believing in God but not creationism. A response to Pathlights on fruit flies. Setting things straight. The Archive the best of the internet.

January 2004
Hyena childbirth -- a punishment from God? Did Gould recant? Ecology and population. Gaps in fossils WRT elephants? Webster's and copyright. Mars Rover proves evolution. Kudos for the Archive (x2). Religion vs. religion? More kudos. How has creationism been disproven? Thanks for the sanity. Theistic evolution articles? Earth 40+ billion years old? If creationism were the "mainstream". Positive reviews in feedback. Mims and Scientific American. Wanting to refute the FABNAQ. Current state of abiogenesis research. Cryptozoology and creationism linked? Observing things from millions of years ago. "Self-challenge" of evolutionists. Even more kudos for the Archive. Horses, humans, and childbirth: a response to a November 2003 feedback. should make pamphlets. Positive evidence for PE? Chromosome counts of apes and men. Need a PhD to prove a theory? Thanking the Archive maintainers. The Archive an excellent resource. Why are science teachers ineffective? Wilkins accused of logical positivism. Sad indication for humanity. Liked "Cockroaches and Intelligent Design". Discussion of origins needs more than just biology to be realistic? Liked the Supernova Remnants FAQ.

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